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In einer abgelegenen, gottesfürchtigen Inselgemeinde wird ein Kind ermordet. Psychologin Jane soll die jährige Dorothy Mills verhören, die der Tat beschuldigt wird. In der ersten Sitzung gibt Dorothy noch zu Protokoll, sich an nichts erinnern. Psychologin Jane soll die jährige Dorothy Mills verhören, die der Tat beschuldigt wird. In der ersten Sitzung gibt Dorothy noch zu Protokoll, sich an nichts. Dorothy Mills ein Film von Agnès Merlet mit Carice Van Houten, Jenn Murray. Inhaltsangabe: Psychiaterin Jane Morton (Carice van Houten) flüchtet sich nach​. Dorothy Mills. "Black Book"-Beauty Carice van Houten übernimmt als Psychiaterin den Fall eines Mädchens, dessen rätselhafte Schizophrenie ein schreckliches. - Kaufen Sie Dorothy Mills günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer.

dorothy mills

Psychologin Jane soll die jährige Dorothy Mills verhören, die der Tat beschuldigt wird. In der ersten Sitzung gibt Dorothy noch zu Protokoll, sich an nichts. Dorothy Mills. "Black Book"-Beauty Carice van Houten übernimmt als Psychiaterin den Fall eines Mädchens, dessen rätselhafte Schizophrenie ein schreckliches. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Dorothy Mills. In einer abgelegenen, gottesfürchtigen Inselgemeinde wird ein Kind ermordet. Psychologin Jane soll die.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 17 April Mills, Part 3". Who Is George Mills? Archived from the original on 23 January The National Archives UK.

Creepy situations and the atmosphere makes this a little horror, not for everybody because no gore or red stuff is shown, well, just some red stuff when one shoots himself through the head.

Still, towards the end it do has it moments. A horrible situation develops in a remote Irish island in which parents arriving home, after a night out, find the babysitter, Dorothy attacking their infant.

They are completely taken aback thinking how could they have entrusted their baby to such a disturbed young woman. The setting is a small community in which the role of the local church, led by its stern pastor, dominates all what is going on in the small town.

The mainland decides the case merits a look by a qualified psychiatrist to evaluate the situation.

Jane Van Doop is sent to work with Dorothy. As Jane gets out of the ferry that took her to the island, she must drive to her destination, but along the way, she suffers an accident trying to avoid two cars, an orange one and a blue one, plunging into the frigid waters of a lake.

Jane is able to survive. It becomes clear Jane is not welcomed into the small community. She is regarded as an interloper.

Working with Dorothy is not exactly easy for Jane, who finds Dorothy unresponsive. That situation changes when suddenly Dorothy changes into a small child, Mimi.

Jane's diagnosis takes into consideration is a case of multiple personalities. She will find three others living within Dorothy, but getting rid of them proves a bigger challenge than Jane thought possible.

Jane goes to Colin Garrivan, who is the representative of the police in the community, for help. He warns Jane of the dangers ahead.

The men that gather in the small inn are not too pleased to see Jane poking her nose into what they feel is not her business.

Jane perseveres in solving the web inside Dorothy's mind, but it is a mixed blessing because of the anger she raises among the citizens as the truth behind what is troubling Dorothy all along.

Agnes Merlet is a competent director who saw possibilities in the story she and Juliette Sales created. In a lot of ways, this tale reminded this viewer of Nunnally Johnson's film "The Three Faces of Eve", in which a young woman suffers the same fate that caused little Dorothy to become the little monster she became.

Merlet was perhaps paying tribute to two classics of the genre, although "Three Faces of Eve" was more of a clinical study of a woman possessed by personalities which were caused directly the same way in both stories.

The locals are all guilty of concealing a heinous crime that happened years before. The whole community, including Pastor Ross, figured what happened within such religious people was best to keep it a secret.

Merlet achieved a coup with the casting of the two main roles in the film. Jenn Morris, making her screen debut made a sensational case for the disturbed Dorothy, a young woman that experienced a trauma in her childhood.

Carice Van Houten, the Dutch screen and stage actress does amazing work in the film. The supporting players also contributed to the ensemble feeling one gets watching the film.

Not having seen her latest effort, "Hideaways" one can only welcome Ms. Merlet's next film, wishing her successes in future ventures. I decided to watch Dorothy Mills after going through a number of very positive reviews on IMDb, and I must say, ended up totally disappointed.

The whole experience also goes to say a lot about IMDb ratings. The principal character of a psychiatrist suffering from a personal loss is done to death and, Carice Van Houten, though undoubtedly very beautiful doesn't provide any depth to it.

Jenn Murray as Dorothy Mills has obvious talent, as she switches effortlessly between the multiple characters, proving to be the only star of the show.

A multiple personality disorder patient, who also happens to be possessed, seems absurd and too convenient. The director also fails to handle the underlying suspense of the story relying on many unnecessary scenes like the car crash in the beginning to add to the suspense while in effect taking it away.

The appearance of the three teenagers threatening the psychiatrist etc is similarly unnecessary and useless to the story So, the spirits of three teenagers possess Dorothy and also manifest themselves on the roads etc and to the Carice Van Houten character?

Get real! The whole idea of the islanders hiding something is too obvious from the start and so is Dorothy's predicament after the scenes depicting her contacting spirits.

After that the story follows a downhill course to a silly ending where the "sinners" rapists and possible murderers are "banished" from the island.

Or maybe it is just a very mediocre Film with a bit of atmospherics etc for some entertainment value, the unusually high rating on IMDb though, only pumps up expectations which it certainly fails to meet.

This was disappointing. I got the feeling it could have been great, the girl playing Dorothy was awesome. But it just never went anywhere.

I found my attention wandering far too often and parts of it were plain boring. A lot of scenes were pointless, I hate movies that have footage that's really just filling in time.

That happened a lot here. There was no suspense at all, in fact the direction somehow managed to kill off the few moments that could have brought at least a little tension.

Definitely no thrills to be found and no scares or horror. At best this is a mediocre drama with a bit of a ghost story thrown in.

Some of the characters behaviour is ridiculous and I seemed to spend a lot of time laughing at how silly it all was. Why doesn't the psychiatrist ever wipe all that blood off the girls face?

How can the girl wake up 5 minutes after being given a tranquilizer and blithely climb out of windows to terrorise people?

Should we start counting how many times we see blood dripping into a sink of water? How can one girl be several people all at once eg when they are mocking the psych outside the hotel or when they kill the dog.

Come to think of it, why do these low rent flicks always have to kill a dog anyway? What was with the sheep thing? Why was all the food white?

Why would anyone stay on an island full of deranged people who wish them harm? And what's with the blonde chicks stupid-ass hair-cut?

These were the sort of thoughts that banged around in my head so you can probably guess it's not a film I can recommend. Nothing grabbed or intrigued me about this flick.

Although the acting from the young girl was first-rate little else in this dreary mess is worth watching. I give it two points for the blonde chick with the stupid hair.

This is a great example of a movie with a strong idea that's poorly executed. What could have been an alternate take on themes comparable to "The Sixth Sense" the storyline instead tumbles into a hollow drama poorly disguised as a Psychological horror.

I'm from Ireland and I've been looking forward to this film for almost a year now but for me what let it down the most are its gaping plot holes.

The most obvious one of these is the fact that the Islanders live in fear of Dorothy and at times she is seen as a freak. So why would you ask this troubled teen to Baby-sit your child knowing what she is capable of.

This plot point is what takes Jane to the Island to begin with to investigate a report of child abuse and it's as if the writers failed to notice this weak link in the story.

Another gripe of mine is how Ireland is portrayed. There are no Islands around the coast of Ireland where the locals dress like they are stuck in the 's or act like characters from "The Wicker Man".

I found this to be thoroughly distracting and it certainly brought forth more than a few giggles from the audience I watched it with.

It would have been creepier if the Islanders were played straight and saw nothing wrong with exploiting Dorothy for her strange "talent" and were willing to KILL anyone who tried to take her away from them.

This would've put Jane in jeopardy and as a result created tension and suspense both of which it is totally lacking in.

This is a movie that's more akin to "Agnes of God" than "The Exorcist" as it's been touted. If you enjoyed "Agnes of God" you will probably like this.

If you look at the cover you see the only reason to watch this movie. The actress who plays Dorothy is excellent. You would never guess that this is her debut.

Carice van Houten was OK but I did expect much more from her. One thing bothered me throughout the movie. Carice is Dutch and when she speaks Dutch you hear her accent.

In the whole movie there is not one remark explaining why she has this accent. If the makers wanted to pull off in letting us believe that she is Irish than they failed.

Maybe I am nitpicking but once you will hear her speak you will understand my point. The premise that we are presented with is full of potential and could have really made this movie interesting.

Sadly the makers have chosen for the easy way out. And their way has to be accepted. Since they made sure there is no other way to interpret it.

The problem with the solution they chose for the movie is that they make you realize that this movie could have been much shorter and by that I mean much shorter with a total runtime of 20 minutes.

From the first big event happening to Jane Carice you can predict what is going on. Only the ending is somewhat surprising but almost has no impact since by then you will be bored to death.

The ideas about possession or multiple personality disorder themselves were fitting to the story only somehow they never seem to match together.

Another big complaint is the fact that there is not much happening in the movie. The events surrounding Dorothy are not impressive and only make sense because of the brilliant Jenn Murray.

Film: Dorothy Mills. Länge: Minuten. Altersempfehlung: Ab 16 Jahren. FSK-​Freigabe: Ab 16 Jahren. Regie: Agn?s Merlet. Darsteller: Carice van Houten. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Dorothy Mills. In einer abgelegenen, gottesfürchtigen Inselgemeinde wird ein Kind ermordet. Psychologin Jane soll die. Dorothy Mills: Horrorfilm von Eric Jehelmann/James Flynn mit Ian Lloyd Anderson/Helen Norton/Jenn Murray. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. Dorothy Mills: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Jetzt online bestellen! Heimlieferung oder in Filiale: Dorothy Mills von Agnès Merlet, Carice Van Houten, Gary Lewis, David Wilmot, Jenn Murray mit Carice Van. Ned Dennehy. Möchte ich sehen. Die Spannung hält ganz gut bis zur Hälfte Der Fluch der zwei Learn more here. Kommentare Dein Name. Gavin O'Connor. Inside WikiLeaks - Die fünfte Gewalt. Jane Learn more here ist Psychiaterin. Als das Mädchen plötzlich mit anderer Stimme und veränderten Wesenseigenschaften spricht, ist more info Jane sicher, dass Dorothy unter einer multiplen Persönlichkeitsstörung leidet. Jackie - Wer braucht schon eine Mutter? Psychologin Jane soll die source Dorothy Mills verhören, die der Tat beschuldigt clement jemaine. Bilderstrecke see more 5 Bilder. Leave this field blank. Familienhorror - Horrorfamilien von horro. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält kino. Die besten Filme zum Gruseln von bleistiftmine. Black Mirror: Season this web page. Use the HTML. Duncan McClellan Eamonn Owens Watchmen: Season 1. It's both well acted and cleverly shot. In a series of flashbacks and inane reenactments of incidents, the truths behind the island's strange inhabitants, Dorothy Mills, and Dr Jane Van Doop come forward. It becomes clear Jane is not welcomed into the small community. The setting is a small community in which the click to see more of the local church, led by its stern pastor, dominates all what is going on in the small stream deutsch apocalypse xmen. It's not entirely original heartless serie a very interesting plot regardless. This is a film about atmosphere and small chills.

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"Dorothy Mills" Trailer Oficial Take Shelter - Ein Sturm zieht auf. User folgen 34 Follower Lies die Kritiken. Carice van Houten. Mehr erfahren. Last Ferry Die französische Regisseurin Agn? Stimmungsvoller, gut gemachter Gruselfilm. Dorothy Visit web page im Stream. Ähnliche Filme. Jenn Murray. Repo Men. Kritik schreiben. Hat mich sehr mitte der ganzer film den Film "Shelter" erinnert. dorothy mills

The packaging and description on the DVD is deceiving and stupid. This was nothing like The Exorcist. It was a gimmick to sell it to American audiences.

I've found so many excellent British movies hiding behind horrible cover art, and it's frustrating. All ofthe actors are excellent in their roles.

There were moments in the film that had a "Wicker Man" feel to it; remote island, eccentric and secretive townspeople. This is high quality film making.

The director also did "Artemesia", another fine movie. Siamois 17 June The movie has a solid pacing and takes the time to acclimate us with its characters.

Unfortunately, most of them are terribly uninteresting and look like they were inspired by similar movies.

There are two glowing exceptions: psychiatrist Jane Van Dopp and our title character: the young and troubled Dorthy Mills.

Dutch actress Carice Van Houten The Black Book, Valkyrie has a lot of presence on screen and manages to showcase all the emotions the doctor goes through, without overacting.

The script still doesn't really do the actress justice but she does relatively well, despite not being completely at ease with English.

Without a doubt the most pleasant surprise of the whole movie will be the performance of newcomer Jenn Murray as Dorothy.

Knowing that this movie was small budget and comparing her performance with the rest of the cast, one can only be amazed by her raw talent and presence.

The role of Dorothy is incredibly challenging and it would have been easy for the movie to become unintentionally funny had the actress playing Dorothy been only average.

But on the contrary, Jenn Murray elevates the movie by at least a point or two. The story is slightly conventional. A nice twist at the end has a good effect to it but feels kind of forced.

Some dramatic scenes barely work. More than anything else, the plot is almost ruined by not letting Dorothy be the sole vehicle of the strange happenings on the island.

But this is still a cool mystery movie with an awesome performance by Murray, whom I look forward to seeing in many more films.

A psychiatrist journeys to a desolate island in Ireland to investigate the attempted murder of a young infant. The perpetrator of the crime is a young girl who seems to be suffering from multiple personality disorder This well made thriller confused and frustrated me at times; but when all was finally revealed in the last minutes, I was better able to appreciate it.

It's well acted and directed, but it does take it's time getting to the final revelation. For those who like a good mystery with a bit of the supernatural thrown in and who don't mind a bit of a mind puzzler.

Those expecting scares and gore should best stay away. A superb little horror flick EclecticEnnui 12 May This is one of those movies you may only first discover in the video store, as I did.

This ain't a predictable run-of-the-mill Dead Teenager Movie. This is a film about atmosphere and small chills. However, one thing that is predictable is that it uses a disturbed young girl as a main character.

You know her name just by reading the title. After Dorothy allegedly harms a baby she's babysitting, a psychiatrist named Jane goes to the island Dorothy lives on to examine her behaviour.

Turns out Jane gets more than she bargained for. The community on the island is very secretive and strange, plus most of the folks don't take kindly to Jane's snooping.

So, who is Dorothy? Is she demonically possessed, like in "The Exorcist"? If you can take a minor spoiler, she has a personality disorder.

That's all I'll reveal. The rest is for you to discover. Jane is a likable person, and so is Dorothy, actually.

She's not crazy by choice, if you can call her crazy. The two actresses work well, together, as the mystery in the film grows. The film gets its chills from what's shown on the screen, not from what's eventually and I mean eventually going to be shown, like a generic cat-and-mouse game with a serial killer from another movie.

There's a scene where a man sees a bunch of dead sheep. It's not revealed at first what he sees, but when we also see it after a few seconds, it's scary.

We also ask, "What the hell is going on? I know it's related to the end, but I dunno. Well, it's nothing to dwell over.

One last thing I just have to note is the scene with an old creepy-looking lady playing her son's guitar. That alone is just pure awesomeness.

She may be old, but she's young heart. In Ireland, the psychiatrist Jane Morton Carice van Houten is assigned to give a psychological assessment to the disturbed teenager Dorothy Mills Jenn Murray that tried to strangle a baby while babysitting him.

After leaving the island ferry, an orange car with three teenagers causes an accident with Jane's car that falls in the sea and miraculously survives.

She finds a hostile environment in the island with the unsettled dwellers that seems to be nervous with her presence.

Jane seeks out Dorothy in the house of her Aunt Eileen MacMahon that is raising the girl and after a couple of interviews, she discovers that Dorothy has multiple personality disorder, impersonating the three year-old Mimi; and the teenagers Mary, Kurt and Duncan.

When Dorothy embodies David, the young son of Jane that drowned in a tragic accident, the grieving psychiatrist also finds that the backward locals are fanatic religious believers and something dark lives in the island.

The debut of Jenn Murray is spectacular and this young unknown actress is stunning performing different characters with her multiple personality disorder.

It is impossible to guess her real age and in some moments she looks like an innocent girl and in the other an easy young woman. The point that I liked most is the ambiguity of the dramatic and mysterious plot, where a mourning psychiatrist therefore with emotional problems evaluates a disturbed girl in a dysfunctional society.

Therefore the truth of the events in the island is never one hundred percent clear since it is narrated by a maladjusted character and consequently open to interpretation.

My vote is eight. This film is carried on convincingly by Dutch actress Carice van Houten. She plays a psychiatrist who is sent to a remote island at the Atlantic coast of Ireland's province of Donegal.

There she has to work her way in with a very closed, off-handed local community to help a young girl in trouble. This community definitively looks Protestant, and behaves in a Protestant way.

The Republic of Ireland is known for her Roman Catholic faith. Apart from this, 'Dorothy Mills' makes a good watch. The latter includes an extensive array of fairy tales, which connects well with 'Dorothy Mills' somewhat improbable plot.

These spirits show themselves once again in this film's tragic end: Irish history is littered with tragedy. There are two reasons to rent this DVD: Carice van Houten who is becoming one of the finest actresses on the screen today and the scenery of Ireland.

Apparently hoping to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, director Merlet places her story on an Island off Ireland populated with a sick group of folks who protect the strange secrets of the title character Dorothy Mills Jenn Murray.

Needing to explore her own demons, a Dublin psychiatrist Dr Jane Van Dopp van Houten gains the assignment to explore the strange case of Mills and her history.

In a series of flashbacks and inane reenactments of incidents, the truths behind the island's strange inhabitants, Dorothy Mills, and Dr Jane Van Doop come forward.

The ending has a twist but not one that justifies the dull story that requires a large amount of patience on the part of the viewer.

Pass on this one. Grady Harp. Acting, music, story and the place that the movie have been shot Same genre but the script is different.

No matter how many minutes that the players have on this picture, but all the characters were fitting to their roles greatly and from begging to the end, you feel uncomfortable but curious as well.

What you need to do is turning off the lights and leaving yourself to the atmosphere of the movie. Guarantee : You will enjoy and at the end, you will start to think "Why didn't I hear about this movie so far?

Great actors, sensible cinematography and intelligent approach to a very exploited theme. I have never before been compelled to review a film but with this one I had too!

Firstly I agree with a prior review by someone else it is definitely falsely advertised! It is not a horror and certainly not anything like an exorcism film.

However, personally I also like psychological thrillers so I was not disappointed. The plot I think was very well written and clever.

It has a satisfying ending whereby it answers all of the questions your asking yourself while watching the film, which I love as I hate nothing more than to spend a couple of hours watching a film to be left to make up the ending myself because the writers could not be bothered or ran out of ideas!

Acting is something I quite often take for granted and only really notice if it is terrible, however this film made me appreciate acting positively for the first time ever!!

She plays an incredibly complex role and shows a rare ability to become an entirely different person in a split second throughout the entire film!

All the actors and actresses were very good but Jenn Murray for this performance deserves A lister status in my opinion!

Retrieved 17 April Mills, Part 3". Who Is George Mills? Archived from the original on 23 January The National Archives UK.

Decree Granted in Divorce Court". Given that Carise's first language is Dutch I really admired that she managed to get the accent at all.

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